Awesome! If you got this far, we/re sure we are doing something interesting at the very least.

We started out as game developers ourselves. One of the things that got our goat was the fact that there were two worlds when it came to building games – the REAL world of building awesome art, physics and a super rollicking game that we could spend 100’s of hours building  for gamers like us – and the other world – of networks, glue code, scripts and the hateful mess of SDK’s.

We saw other developers crib endlessly about the pain of adding more SDK’s and glue code as compared to game code. Many decide to give these a miss altogether, and thats fair – if it doesn’t add anything meaningful to the game itself. others just try to hack together some server-side scripts with the help of an obliging friend who doesn’t mind moonlighting on your dream game.

So we shopped around the market and saw a whole bunch of SDK’s that each offered different services – OpenFeint for Social Leaderboards, Scoreloop for Scores, Parse for Push notifications and Flurry for Analytics, and so on… We realised that each of these SDK’s does just one job, not all of them do their one job too well either – and they never ever work well together.

Then we found a whole bunch of 2nd Generation Game Platforms – like PlayerScale, Smartfox, PhotonServer, GameSparks, Playfab, HeroicLabs and many many more.

There’s another side to this coin – we were looking for server-side code that would be hosted and offered as an inexpensive service – who’s got he time to run servers, write code for them then go thru the hassle of dealing with hosting companies or cloud providers. We just want things to work out of the box.

We decided to do something about this and Playblazer is the result.

Playblazer is built by game developers, for game developers. We wanted to build soemthing that speaks our language, understands the structure of a game, gives us objects that we can use in our game, rather than make us jump hoops to get that little custom field to store one extra variable per level.