Welcome to Playblazer.

It isn’t everyday that one starts out on an adventure. An adventure needs to be – exciting, meaningful – so much so that the journey itself is as important as the destination. We hope Playblazer will be all of that and much more.

We started our journey in the game ‘industry’ in the year 2005. Don’t worry that wasn’t the first of games – we were ‘players’ a lot before we were ‘playmakers’. Aren’t we all gamers first & always! The 1st Commandment is pretty clear – Thou shalt be a gamer before thy are a game developer.

In 2005 one of us co-founders was busy being a Human Paladin in Azeroth, when he was called upon by an ambitious mage to join forces with a new league of warriors who were calling upon Humans, Elves & Dwarf’s to liberate our homeland from the clutches of the dark evil forces of a tyrannical culture that felt Games were a waste of time. Our co-founder went on to lead a mighty army of over 200 warriors & greater than 1000 clans of game makers that eventually liberated 25 million younglings from the oppressive tyranny of an existence without games.

Time flew by and eventually as the kingdom of gamers grew our Paladin found new quests. In particular a quest to achieve the impossible. A challenge that none had succeeded or even thought achievable before – to build the ubiquitous game – a game that would transcend the bindings of place & time, could be played by everyone, anywhere,  in any language without the need for expensive paraphernalia and heavy purses to buy.

In 2009 our co-founders got together to create a new powerful game engine that could produce games that could be played over the simplest network ever – the phone call. It was to be a game that required no equipment and no training, and could be played for hours. A game that would be nothing but a voice & cinematic quality sound, crafted into an artefact of immense power – the power to harness the imagination of the player himself, a game that existed only in the minds of the player. Our warriors succeeded in building this machination that brought joy to many more millions of casual gamers.

In 2013, we realized we had the clues to a great treasure – a treasure of immense power that could enable other clans of playmakers to build greater games. A powerful tool that instantly levelled up each warrior, nay – entire clans of warriors – with the power to create powerful strategems of war and triumph in the greatest battle of all – the battle to create the games that….

Ah, but the story is incomplete…

True! and that’s because – you – my friend are a part of it too… perhaps you will care to take it from here, try our game machine. Go on bring your clan on board and build your own game with us…

Clan Playblazer