Cwicket - Card Battle Strategy

Cwicket is a Social, Cross-platform, multiplayer – Card Battle Strategy Game of Cricket.

Cwicket is being built with the Playblazer platform and is planned for release for the 2014 season across iOS, Android & Flash. Cwicket also features cross-platform multiplayer gameplay across multiple platforms.



Khelega is an expression in Hindi, which can mean either “Will you play?” OR “Let’s Play!” depending on the tone of voice. “Khel” obviously means – “Game”. By convention this word implies two or more players competing with each other, and thereby signifies a game that is inherently multi-player.


About Cwicket

Cricket is the most popular sport in the India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh besides being a major sport in UK, Australia, South Africa & New Zealand . As a sport Cricket is worth over US$2B in annual revenues worldwide and has a TV audience of over 1 B viewers. Yet there is not a single Multiplayer Cricket Game on any platform.

Cwicket is a unique Skill-based game played with custom designed cards as a turn based game with deep strategy involving a ball-by-ball turn based mechanic where opponents play respectively as a batsman & a bowler.  Cwicket features the most detailed scoring & player profiling system that tracks every single area of cricket with technical accuracy.

About Khelega Games

Khelega Games is an innovative & creative Game Studio that has a history of working on path breaking Social & Multiplayer Games that have broken access barriers to games in unconventional mediums like games built for Premium Voice Calls & Text Messaging protocols on Carrier networks.

Khelega Games has produced over 10 titles that have seen over 1 million paying users on Carrier networks in India. The entire Khelega Games portfolio was licensed by Indiagames (now Disney india), India’s largest Mobile Game Publisher with distribution across all Carriers in India.