Faster Development
Select from 15+ pre-built Game Services that are designed to work together. Add new features in hours.
Go Multiplayer
Skill-up your current teams to build Async games. Power your games with Social & Multiplayer mechanics.
Add new skills
Add a playbook full of new features and high engagement mechanics to your games
Player Management
Signup Players with pre-built workflows for Guest mode & migration to Signed Up mode.
Game Sessions
Sophisticated Session & State Management workflows are pre-built for commonly used Core Loops.
Notification Hub
One Hub for Cross-platform Notifications. Supported networks – APNS/GCM/ADM/MPNS & WNS
Social Graph
Integrate with multiple Social Graphs and enable users to bring their friends to the party.
Rule-based Matchmaking with multiple factors to fine-tune P2P engagement in Async Games.
Server-side Timers for Game Events provide support for Resource Generation & Timed Events
Scoring Systems
Use our pre-built Scoring System or extend it with your custom scoring parameters.
Create & manage Scheduled Events inside your Games, Start with our Weekly Leagues
Server-side Wallet to store, credit & debit virtual currencies used in your game.
Choose from pre-built Leaderboard types or create your own custom ones, including Social Leaderboards.
Chat service in 3 modes – PvP, Session Context & Game-wide – helps you keep engagement levels high.
The most sophisticated & flexible Achievements system supports recurring & tiered Achievements.